A brighter future
for all kids
starts with you.

When you support Red Nose Day, your generous gift powers our programs providing urgent support – like food and housing – while also funding solutions addressing inequality’s root causes to help make sure all children have the chance for a bright future.

Red Nose Day is working to end child poverty.

Your donations ensure that kids have access to health services, nutritious food, quality education, and safe spaces to live, learn, work, play and so much more. You can help make sure their lives are filled with unlimited possibilities.

No more
missed meals
  • New kinds of food banks
  • Bringing fresh, healthy food to families
  • Training the next generation of farmers

Help fund mobile farmer’s markets, bridging the gap between the farm and the city for families, along with other projects that help families access healthy food.

A safe place
to call home
  • Shelter for children affected by violence, war, and natural disasters
  • Protections for migrant girls
  • Education and support for foster parents

Help fund programs that give kids safe, supervised spaces for afterschool and summer play, keeping them off violent streets, along with programs that offer food, clothing, shelter, and medical care for homeless young people.

Education that helps
kids get ahead
  • STEAM education for young children
  • Support for aspiring teachers
  • Classes that help parents support young students

Help fund a corps of college students to work in preschools in low-income communities, along with other projects that help make every child’s education complete.

Poverty doubled in 2023

Kids are counting on us right now. Around the world, natural disasters and conflict are displacing millions of children. And here in the U.S. four million kids are experiencing homelessness. On any given day, 13 million children in the US worry about getting enough to eat. That’s 1 in 5 kids who can’t rely on having breakfast before they head off to school. And speaking of school, education is critical in helping children and young people break the cycle of poverty, but the quality of programs attended by most low-income children isn’t adequate to provide the learning and development support kids and young people need in order to achieve economic mobility.


In every corner of the world, children experience homelessness because of circumstances far beyond their control. As climate events become more destructive, violence is more widespread, and income inequality rises, families in tenuous housing face more significant challenges to remaining in their homes. And some young people have no choice but to extract themselves from unsafe living conditions to escape violence, hate, or abuse from guardians.

The factors that force young people from their homes are both unpredictable and increasing – violence, financial hardship, persecution, natural disasters, climate events, and lack of affordable housing.

We work with community partners to make sure kids – no matter where they currently call home – get the care and stability they need in times of upheaval. Learn more.

Food Insecurity

On any given day, 13 million children in the US worry about getting enough to eat. That’s 1 in 5 kids who can’t rely on having breakfast before they head off to school or look forward to dinner when they are finished with their day. 

The negative effects of malnutrition and chronic food insecurity can be devastating. Children's brains and bodies can't fully develop without proper nutrition. And hunger can prevent kids from learning in school. Quite simply, children need adequate food and nutrition in order to grow and thrive.

We make sure kids have access to healthy food when they need it and address the root causes of food insecurity.  Learn more.


The first five years of a child’s life are the most crucial for brain development. Early childhood education — which some researchers call a gift that lasts a lifetime — can provide children with the developmental and learning skills they need to advance through each grade level. Children from low-income backgrounds who had access to 24 months or more of high-quality early childhood education before they turned six were more likely to graduate from college and had higher salaries at age 26. 

Early childhood education programs also have long-term health benefits, and one study even found that high-quality early childhood education improved parenting practices for the next generation.

Unfortunately, the quality of daycare and preschool programs attended by most low-income children isn’t adequate to provide the learning and development support kids need, compounding socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic inequalities. 

We aim to make quality early education available to students everywhere, enabling them to learn to the best of their abilities. Learn more.

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