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Every day, millions of children come home from school, drop their bags inside the front door, and never worry if dinner will be on the table, if they will have internet access to do their homework, or if they will get a good night’s sleep.

But that’s not the case for the millions of children around the world experiencing homelessness, including four million here in the U.S. The factors that force young people from their homes are both unpredictable and increasing – violence, financial hardship, persecution, natural disasters, climate events, and lack of affordable housing.

In every corner of the world, children experience homelessness because of circumstances far beyond their control. As climate events become more destructive, violence is more widespread, and income inequality rises, families in tenuous housing face more significant challenges to remaining in their homes. And some young people have no choice but to extract themselves from unsafe living conditions to escape violence, hate, or abuse from guardians. Learn more.