About Red Nose Day

At Red Nose Day, we believe in the power of small actions to create big change. Together, these actions can help build a healthy future for all children.

What does a healthy future look like?

It is providing a holistic balance of our four Red Nose Day pillars:
Safe, Healthy, Educated and Empowered.

A healthy body and mind that gives children the opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams. Access to quality healthcare and nutritious food to ensure children can grow strong without worry. It is a space to nurture wellness, a safe place to call home, the right tools to learn, and it is empowering young people to lead us into this bright future.

We believe that every person has the power to make a difference – that a single gesture, a kind word or a small donation can transform a life. And that together, our collective actions can change the world.

In nine years, we’ve raised more than $324 million to help end child poverty and positively impacted over 32 million children in America and around the world.

Strategic Focus Areas

By supporting children and fostering change across these key strategic focus areas, we can break the cycle of poverty and create a more just world.

We help protect children from groups that have been marginalized from violence, abuse and exploitation. ‘Children on the Move’ is a core focus of this area of work, including refugee and migrant children, houseless and street-connected children, children living in foster care and alternative care settings, and children impacted by natural disasters.


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We provide resources to improve children’s health by investing in partners that deliver quality healthcare services, nutrition, and access to life-saving vaccines for low-income children in the US and our target countries abroad.


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We expand access to quality education, and equip children and young people to succeed at key milestones in the educational pipeline from birth through young adulthood. This includes age-appropriate support for early childhood education and college prep/workforce readiness.


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We ensure that children have opportunities to develop as leaders in their communities, advocate for their rights, have increased access to economic mobility, and greater agency in shaping their futures.

Cross-Portfolio Focuses

Within each of our four pillars are cross-portfolio focuses that facilitate gender and racial equity, centering the most impacted populations and building resilience.

Gender Equity

Our approach to poverty reduction takes into account the historic marginalization of women and girls, as well as the toxic gender norms and pressures that have affected both boys and girls.

Racial Equity

Children of color have been unduly impacted by the effects of poverty. Our grantmaking strategy considers the intersectionality of race and economic disenfranchisement.

Centering the ‘Most Impacted Populations’

Those closest to the challenges must be apart of the solution, and we prioritize working with nonprofit organizations that are led by and staffed by people from the communities being served.

Building Resilience

We are committed to supporting programs that support and strengthen children and families by providing resources to combat the effects of poverty, and build more resilient communities.


children and young people with increased access to basic health services


children vaccinated


children and young people enrolled in leadership development programs


meals served to children and families


homeless children helped


children received educational support