We exist for one purpose: 
to end poverty.

We believe laughter is a force for social change and that helping others can be fun and fulfilling. Even as we see impossible situations all around us, we know that a brighter future is within reach because we’ve watched it happen.  Since 2015, we’ve seen the power of people coming together to create change, through big campaigns and small everyday acts, and we’ve seen millions join our movement towards a just world free from poverty.

Our goal is ambitious. So are we.

Poverty isn’t just about how much is in your bank account or where your family will be sleeping tonight. It’s about a lack of opportunities and not having the agency to determine your own outcomes. That’s why we invest in programs that look beyond short-term fixes and instead envision a world where anyone can succeed.

What we've accomplished so far

$436 million raised

grantee partners

35 million
and families


The team that makes it all happen.

We are driven by our mission, take pride in our work and like to have fun along the way.

Board of Directors

Our trusted Board oversees our strategic and financial health and approves grant distribution to partners.

Leader's Lab

Our industry experts and creative vanguards who help us identify innovative projects and pathways for organizational growth so we can operate at our highest level.

Youth Advisory Council

Eight pioneering leaders from around the world who offer invaluable input to our grantmaking team to inform how funds are allocated.

The company we keep

Some of the brands and organizations we’re proud to call partners.

Meet Our Partners

Financial Reports

Read our annual audited financial statements to better understand how we operate.