Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Our Vision: A just world free from poverty
Our Mission:
Driving positive change through the power of entertainment

Comic Relief US’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) best situates us
to fulfill our vision, mission, and goals. It is important to recognize that DEI goes beyond mere
policies and practices. As members of a diverse global community, we each bring unique
attributes, and perspectives to our work, enhancing our abilities to reach, engage, and serve
marginalized children.

The individuals we serve come from diverse backgrounds, many geographies, a range
of economic circumstances, and various cultures, customs, and languages. We are dedicated to
ensuring our staff, leadership, and partners respect, reflect, and value these differences.
We affirm human diversity in all forms, encompassing ethnicity, race,
gender, sexual orientation and identification, age, economic circumstances, class,
different abilities, and philosophies.

We commit to promoting equity in the workplace and with all our partners and suppliers. We
actively engage with nonprofit partners in developing and harmonizing our collective DEI
policies and lessons learned. With our communication and media partners, we ensure diversity,
equity, and inclusion are at our core, and we incorporate these values into all content and
brand expressions.

Our goal is an inclusive culture, where everyone is respected, supported, listened to, and
treated fairly to be their best self, resulting in doing their best work.
Our diversity, equity, and inclusion commitment assumes a mindset and approach of
continuous improvement. We focus internally on our employees, work practices, and
environment, while our external approach with our nonprofit, corporate,
communications, and philanthropic partners support our ultimate goals.