Red Nose Day

This Year, Your Red Nose Day Donation Could Win You a Dream Childhood Prize

Childhood should be carefree and joyful. That’s why we're giving EVERYONE the chance to bring a childhood fantasy to life.

May 6, 2024

Join the Community Builders Challenge, a NEW hands-on SEL learning experience that combines creativity and compassion to inspire students across the country to build a better world.

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Childhood should be carefree and joyful. That’s why we're giving EVERYONE the chance to bring a childhood fantasy to life.

Ever dreamed of crushing a car in a monster truck? How about having your very own cotton candy castle? Would you like to be best friends with a penguin? Now is your chance!


Red Nose Day has helped millions of kids across the country break the cycle of poverty by providing access to health care, nutritious food, quality education, and housing—helping them make their dreams realities. 

And this year, we're giving EVERYONE the chance to have a childhood dream come true, too. 

That’s right — every $5 donation to Red Nose Day is a chance to win a whimsical, imaginative experience inspired by childhood dreams.

Introducing the Red Nose Day Childhood Dreamstakes!

With every donation to help end childhood poverty, you’ll be entered to have one of these childhood dreams come to life:

Crush A Car In A Monster Truck: Sparks will FLY! Spend a day in a demolition derby from behind the wheel of a personalized monster truck.

Own A Cotton Candy Castle: It’s spacious and delicious! Magical wonder awaits in this beautifully designed, endlessly edible fortress of fun!

Eat A Life-Size Cookie Of Yourself: Weird. Accurate. Tasty. Invite the whole neighborhood over to chow down on a cookie baked to your exact height and likeness. Eat your face off! Literally!

Put Your Face On A Hot Air Balloon: Finally, be SEEN! Put your beautiful face on a balloon and fly it over your hometown!

Erupt A Giant Model Volcano: Look out below!!! You’ll get to take this classic science experiment to the next level of fun with an unforgettable spectacle on a massive scale!

Befriend a Penguin: Take a trip to hang out with the world’s most adorably flightless birds, up close and personal! You and the penguins will both be honking with happiness!

This contest is more than just fun: you’re helping kids get the support they need to grow up safe, healthy, educated, and empowered and become their best selves. 

At Red Nose Day, we’re working towards a world with less childhood poverty and more childhood. Your donation helps remove barriers so that kids have more. More opportunities to get an excellent education, to have safe and supportive places to live, to be healthy, and to be empowered to chase their dreams.

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Red Nose Day in School is a free educational program designed to teach young students about the impacts of poverty on children, foster empathy building, and celebrate acts of kindness in the classroom and beyond. This year-round program includes lesson plans, routines and videos to help students practice core reading and writing skills while also helping them realize their power to make a difference for others. Learn more.