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Red Nose Day in School

Watch: Kids Say: Join the Community Builders Challenge

Pssst — hey teachers! Your students want to be a part of this exciting new program.

February 3, 2024

Join the Community Builders Challenge, a NEW hands-on SEL learning experience that combines creativity and compassion to inspire students across the country to build a better world.

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Pssst — hey teachers! Your students want to be a part of this exciting new program.

Are your students future community leaders and empathetic allies in the making? Encourage them to help shape the world and inspire each other with a full lesson plan that embraces the power of play.

Classes all across the country have begun working on the Community Builders Challenge. This new hands-on SEL learning experience from Red Nose Day In School and the LEGO® Group's Build The Change initiative combines creativity and compassion, inspiring kids to build a better world. 

Students are excited to get involved, and we spoke to a few about what this activity means to them:

Check out what they have to say!

Filled with opportunities to learn about engineering, building safe spaces, and inspiring change—this FREE lesson plan is a great way to get students thinking about their community. 

Just download the FREE Activity Guide to get started

Submit your community by April 15th for a chance for your students to be crowned the most amazing, creative, out-of-the-box thinkers around.

We can’t wait to see what you and your students build! 

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Red Nose Day in School

Red Nose Day in School is a free educational program designed to teach young students about the impacts of poverty on children, foster empathy building, and celebrate acts of kindness in the classroom and beyond. This year-round program includes lesson plans, routines and videos to help students practice core reading and writing skills while also helping them realize their power to make a difference for others. Learn more.