Helps Us Make a $1 Billion Impact

We can tinker on the edges of huge problems or we can create real momentum to solve them.

At Comic Relief, we are committed to finding solutions that generate equality and uplift communities. We focus on addressing the causes — not just the consequences — of systemic poverty. We believe the challenges that hold entire communities back can and must be addressed to ensure our collective survival.

We are a trusted grantmaker with a scaled fundraising platform that has already raised $400 million and drives lasting impact. Our authentic connections with some of the world’s most famous entertainers and biggest brands enables us to increase awareness and mobilize the public to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. And with your help, we can do so much more.

We are seeking investment in a $10 million fund to quickly expand our effectiveness, by empowering us to:

  • Create and launch new, issue-driven campaigns that further our ability to activate a new global generation of donors at scale and employ new channels for fundraising
  • Invest in community-rooted solutions that empower young people as change-makers, support community-centered innovators and advance new direct service programs
  • Invest in new models and technologies to address emerging social issues, centered and led within the communities that are most impacted

Our goal is to transform this $10 million investment into $1 billion of social impact over the next 10 years.