Empathy-Building Learning Resources

ELA, SEL, Civics + Social Engagement | Grades 2–5

Red Nose Day in School provides free supplemental lesson plans and routines designed to build classroom community, help students strengthen their SEL skills, and realize their power to help others.

Our two programs, FriendSkills and Everyday Heroes, are flexible, support key literacy skills, and can be done in the classroom or at the kitchen table! Check them out below!

FriendSkills Program

The FriendSkills series will help your students build friendships and community.

These creative and fun supplemental activities will help children understand their own emotions, develop active listening skills, and learn how to connect with others through empathy.

Created in partnership with Six Seconds, FriendSkills is designed to support your existing SEL program with adaptations for online learning to meet the moment.

Friendship Juggle

Empathy Hearts

Emotions Alphabet

Everyday Heroes Program

The Everyday Heroes lesson plans and routines will help you celebrate acts of empathy and kindness in your classroom and inspire your students to take action to help others — all while building important SEL and literacy skills.

While the classroom routines can be used year-round, the supplemental lessons can support key learning moments on the calendar, including the 100th Day of School, Reading Month, and April Fool’s Day.

Writing for Informed Social Action

Teachable Moments Throughout the Year

Reading Passages

Literacy, Empathy, and Humor

Building Empathy Through Reading

Class Routines to Build Empathy