Actor Tony Hale is wearing a red nose with his tuxedo

Red Nose Day

Celebrate the Holiday Season the Red Nose Day Way

We're kicking off our holiday giving campaign and we hope you'll join us for some fun and fundraising to help create better futures for all kids

November 15, 2023

Join the Community Builders Challenge, a NEW hands-on SEL learning experience that combines creativity and compassion to inspire students across the country to build a better world.

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We're kicking off our holiday giving campaign and we hope you'll join us for some fun and fundraising to help create better futures for all kids

What’s small, round, and red and brings happiness to millions of people all over the world?

If you guessed the iconic Red Nose, the symbol of one of the most joyful — and successful — fundraising initiatives in history, well, you got it!

Red Nose Day is enduring proof of our steadfast belief that when humor, pop culture, and humanity come together, great things can happen. 

We know that laughter is a force for social change and that helping others can be fun and fulfilling. Even as we see impossible situations all around us, we believe a brighter future is within reach because we’ve watched it happen. Since 2015, we’ve seen the power of people coming together to create change through big campaigns and small everyday acts, and we’ve seen millions join our movement towards a just world free from poverty.

And now, we are excited to bring some of our signature Red Nose Day energy to the season of giving. Helping our neighbors is more important than ever when you consider that child poverty in the U.S. more than doubled in the last year. 

Kids should spend their childhoods exploring, having fun, learning, and growing. That’s why Red Nose Day exists — to help kids and their families overcome the hurdles they're facing today so their futures can be full of joy and possibility. 

We're on a mission to build a brighter future for ALL children. The innovative programs we support focus on health, safety, education, and empowerment and are all designed to create lasting change.  

We are about to launch our holiday fundraising campaign, which will combine all the joy and laughter we’re known for with plenty of inspiring stories about the people and organizations doing great work to help make sure children everywhere have the resources and support they need to tackle the challenges that come their way. 

There will be many ways to join us and make a difference over the coming weeks, from donating during Giving Tuesday to enjoying a celebrity Dungeons and Dragons tournament to sharing the joy of NBC’s annual ‘Christmas In Rockefeller Center’ tree-lighting special. 

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn for all the fun, and sign up for our emails so you can stay up to date on the work we are doing and see how your donations are making a difference for kids everywhere.

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Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day in School is a free educational program designed to teach young students about the impacts of poverty on children, foster empathy building, and celebrate acts of kindness in the classroom and beyond. This year-round program includes lesson plans, routines and videos to help students practice core reading and writing skills while also helping them realize their power to make a difference for others. Learn more.